High Street, Broseley, Shropshire. TF12 5EX ◄

Broseley’s Victoria Hall is an impressive building in the old style,
which isn’t surprising, given that it was built in 1867.
Once inside, you’ll find it’s nice and modern.
It’s airy and bright, and well appointed.

The Vic is close to a range of small and friendly shops,
places to grab a bite, and places to stay.

Several regular groups, sports, and activities have made the Vic their home.
As a place for a private gathering or public event, it has a great deal to offer.

In Christmas garb

Main hall

Our hall makes a delightful space for wedding receptions, parties, and other fun things.

The hall is great for activities like tai-chi,
badminton, and bowls.

Lounge and bar

The lounge can be ideal for smaller events, meetings, or celebrations.

The space can be booked along with the Main Hall, or separately.


It’s not large, but enough to meet the needs of a smaller gathering.