About us

A bit of background.

The Victoria Hall, sitting on Broseley’s High Street, was built in 1867, and began life as a place for religious meetings.

In 1905 the building was handed over to the town of Broseley under the care of Trustees, and it was subsequently registered and governed by the Charities Commission.

In the ensuing years the venue has become an established place for a wide range of sporting activities and an enormous variety of events. To help meet needs, the hall obtained a premises licence along the way.

In recent years the Vic’s hall and bar have been improved to a high standard. The Vic meets all health, and safety and risk assessment regulations.

The busy Committee looks forward to an even busier future.

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We see the Victoria Hall’s contribution to the community as providing space for ….

  • supporting citizenship and community development
  • providing recreational facilities and activities
  • improving the health and well-being of local inhabitants by offering a space for community events
  • facilitating the arts, culture and heritage