The Vic has a number of regular users, and often hosts ‘specials’ like craft sales and club gatherings, and many private parties.

Moy Tai Chi

Moy Tai Chi takes place here weekly, with sessions both for beginners and beyond.

It helps the Vic to keep feeling
calm and controlled,
like the people
who practice.

Brian Pearson is session-leader. His mobile is 07783 668294.

Read more about Moy Tai Chi at the Shropshire Tai Chi Academy’s website.

Karate – for kids too !

The Vic is home to the award-winning Shropshire Goju Ryu Karate Academy.

The Academy prides itself on being a group that’s welcoming, and open to new ideas in the martial arts.

Here’s the website.

Lok Hup

This is a considerably more advanced form of Tai Chi.

These sessions, then, are for those who have at least two years of experience of Tai Chi, introducing them to advanced moves and content.

We’re so pleased that it is being taught and led here at the Vic.

Here’s a link to the Shropshire Tai Chi Academy’s website.


Pilates exercises focus on balance, posture, strength and flexibility. Oooh – that looks energetic!

Nikki Shaw runs two friendly and welcoming groups at the Vic.

Then please contact her, whatever your age or fitness level.

For more, contact Nikki Shaw
07939 054024

Wednesday walkers

They kindly take their boots off,
then march into the lounge
to chat and grab a cup of Rosie Lee.

Some go for seconds 😃

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